Todays Strength Training Circuit

So....Once a week I will post either a picture, video, or short snippet of an explanation of one of my most difficult workouts for the week. Today's circuit I focused on back, triceps, and abs. I did four circuits with 3 exercises each circuit that I executed for 4 sets. Took me about 1:20 minutes to complete, and according to my Apple Watch burned almost 701 calories. Tried to get a video sometime in the midpoint of my workout, but they had the camera police on deck in this gym. Seem's they've gotten a little strict in this gym. Anyways so the circuit went as followed:

Circuit 1/ 4 Sets

1: Pull Ups/Dips/Leg Raises Reps 15/20/20

Circuit 2/ 4 Sets

2: (Pendlay Row Machine/Closed Grip Flat Bench Reps 15/12/10/8 Increasing weight each set), Reverse Crunch with RBands Reps 20

Circuit 3/ 4 Sets

3: (Lat Pulldowns/Cable Tricep Extension with Rope, Reps 15/12/10/8 Increasing weight each set), Rope Crunches 20 reps

Circuit 4/ 4 Sets

4: (Hammer Strength Iso Upright Row/Inverted Rows/Seated Dumb Bell Triceps Extensions, Reps 15/12/10/8 Increasing weight each set except for the inverted rows), Decline Crunches reps 20

As you see the last circuit I added to back movement, Why? Just because my goal is to be MooreFit than the day before. Very challenging end of a day, and I was soaked. I took 30 seconds to a minute break in between each circuit so only four real breaks other than getting a sip of water from my jug.